"I believe in servant leadership.  To quote Robert K. Greenleaf, 'Servant-leaders differ from other persons of  good will because they act on what they believe'."

                                                                      - Rick

Representing Nampa

Rick Youngblood

Rick became an Idaho State Representative, serving the people of Nampa, in 2012.  Serving the fastest growing city in Canyon County, Rick's extensive business background serves both Nampa and Idaho well in several leadership committees, including the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee, Business Committee, and Transportation & Business Committee.  Rick believes in team work and works closely with fellow legislators committed to protecting and promoting the interests of the GREAT CITY OF NAMPA!

dedicated to Nampa and Idahoans, Rick supports...

*A Balanced Budget

*Improving Education and Providing Choice

*Defending the 2nd Amendment

*Working to Lower Taxes and Eliminate Government Waste

*Protecting Family Values

*Defending State Right's Against Obamacare